Citrus Growers South Africa


The pack house as well as the orchards are GLOBALG.A.P certified. In line with global environmental standards, Moriah Citrus Estates is actively following a program of integrated pest management to produce optimal, disease free fruit with the minimum use of pesticides and chemicals.

Fruit is picked at optimal maturity during the peak export season – See production Chart.  The commercial packing plant covers 6 000m².  Moriah Citrus Estates maintains internationally recognized quality control and picking standards. Fruit gets picked and transported according to strict picking and transporting instructions, ensuring fruit reaches the pack house in peak condition.

On arrival at the pack house, the internal quality of the fruit is tested.  All citrus must meet critical internal standards, determined by measuring the sugar-acid ratio.  Moriah Citrus Estates places great emphasis on the internal eating quality of its fruit.  High brix content, juiciness and flavor are vital, as are a soft fiber and delicate sugar-acid ratio.  We pride ourselves in the superb quality of what lies beneath the peel of our fruit.

After washing and drying, citrus is waxed to seal in the flavor and retain its firm, lustrous appearance.  To ensure minimal handling, fruit is packed on custom-made packing lines, and then sorted by hand and electronically.  In keeping with environmental trends, Moriah Citrus Estates uses a range of eco-friendly bio-degradable cartons and packing material, both protective and innovative.  We use a local carton manufacturing company which comply to all our carton specifications and market requirements.

The different production areas within the pack house is strictly monitored and supervised by specific appointed quality managers – from sorting (for eating and juicing)  grading, through sizing, to packaging according to strict client specifications, then inspection.

Before being loaded into containers, fruit is examined by inspectors from the national Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB), an independent body controlling quality.  They adjust container temperature before sealing containers.  The fruit is then transported to the harbor where it enters the cold chain en-route to the final consumer.
Throughout the journey, temperatures are monitored.

This well monitored production chain ensures that Global Clients are guaranteed that their final product is the product of their choice, packed exactly according to their instructions and specifications.

It is of utmost importance to us to be able to track and monitor the produce throughout shipment, en route to the final destination, ensuring that it reaches the consumer well within reasonable time.