Citrus Growers South Africa


We strive to grow and expand our business and products to present a variety of good quality products to our customers.  We are keen in partnerships with producers with the same values.  Working together in sharing knowledge and resources and by creating long term business relationships.

Some of the exiting developments were involved in:


Moriah Citrus Estates together with NTB invested in Cara Cara Navels and Tango Mandarin planting.

Cara Cara:

A branch mutation discovered in a Washington navel orchard on the farm Cara Cara in the Valencia region of Venezuela during the late 1980’s. This selection was supplied to the local University’s Foundation Block and disseminated throughout the citrus world as a result of its unique internal red flesh caused by Lycopene. The Cara Cara has become popular in California, Israel and South Africa and is now starting to receive attention in world markets.

Our own Cara Cara Navel, will be available in 2018.

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Tango Mandarin:

A new seedless mid-late season irradiated selection of W. Murcott (Afourer) mandarin developed by the University of California Citrus Breeding Program.

The mandarin is a very attractive, easy to peel mid-late season mandarin (peak maturity February-March) which, when grown in isolated conditions, can be virtually seedless.

Our Tango will be available in 2020.

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