Citrus Growers South Africa


Moriah Citrus Estates is a South African fruit grower and commercial packing company.  The company customizes its service to the particular needs of clients.  A specialized quality assurance team oversees that clients are supplied with the product of their choice, packaged as requested and delivered at an agreed time.

Moriah Citrus Estates have access to a well-established network of research and extension agencies, enabling them to use advanced processes and growing techniques.  Technical and agronomic experts advise Moriah Citrus Estates on all aspects of production, such as cultivation, fertilization, irrigation, pest and disease control.

We make use of Tom van der Meulen – Entomologist, to reduce residues on fruit, so that we can guarantee safe, consumable produce for our customers.

The work force comprises 200 people during the peak season. Moriah Citrus Estates is well known for its high quality fruit in the export market and has a very unique direct export-program in place to the end user.

The different cultivars currently produced by MCE include:

Citrus Types:

  • Lemons
  • Star Ruby
  • Marsh/ white Grapefruit
  • Red Heart Grapefruit
  • Early Valentia / Juvalle/ Turkey
  • Midnights
  • Delta Seedless
  • Valentia
  • Valentia Late
  • COMING SOON:  Late Mandarins

Mango Production:

  • Tommy Atkins
  • Keet
  • Sensation